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    1. Arthur Frayn

      Chu, the eyeball technician says “Dr. Elden Tyrell, he genius. He design your brain.”

  1. Observer

    NO WAY are they not going to be noticed driving round in a 150 years old VW T2 with a split windscreen, air-cooled leaded-petrol engine. The only thing “wrong” with it is that nobody has stuck giant false eyelashes on the head-lamp visors.

    Unless, of course, like the ones still around today, the only original part is the VIN (serial number) plate. As in “this ax? been in the family for generations! never goes wrong, we’ve only replaced the handle seven times and the head four times”.

  2. 944tim

    I have seen (online) a shop somewhere in Malaysia that makes virtual replicas of rare VW and Porsche I would say in any future’ these ambitious people will make anything you want for the right price.

    1. Aname

      Yep, what’s the point of living in a 3D printed future if you cant have any of the unique antique classics that anybody else can have as well.
      “More retro I say, back to the good old days” as people in every decade and century have always said.
      Probably new fangled gubbins underneath that antique exterior, so not pure retro.

  3. Jonnytest

    Air cooled engines can be rebuilt forever, as I am told by an old friend from high school who’s been a VW mechanic since graduation.
    However, they are absolutely filthy polluters. Would they be tolerated in a future world extrapolated from now? On the other hand, it’s funny like the 700 year old Twinky that Wall-E’s pet cockroach relished so much.


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