I’m Steven Stahlberg, 54, 3d artist by day, just plain artist by night.  You can see a gallery of my work here:  http://stahlberg.cgsociety.org/
My Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/steven.stahlberg.7

1990, when I got married, I changed my last name, from Hagg (just in case you knew me as Steven Hagg and you’re wondering if I’m the same guy).

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Android Blues


Rated M for strong language and nuditycover1

After working on this story for about ten years I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger – I’ve realized it’s very unlikely to ever become a movie or book or musical or opera, so I’m choosing a medium I’m comfortable with and can work for free in my spare time – a comic.  I also happen to love comics, I used to make them, yet haven’t made any in over 30 years…  so for me this is a kind of fond coming home.

This is the cover so far.  Disclaimer – I’ve worked it and reworked it, as part of experimentation and trying to find a style.  It’s been difficult for me to find a balance between line and color, I think I’ve found it but I thought that before.  This means it may still be a work in progress.

It’s supposed to show the protagonist in a symbolic quandary, indicative of her over-arching distress of not being fully human:  she loves music, just like we do.  She’s tried to play the blues on a guitar, but she pushed too hard and it broke.