I’m Steven Stahlberg, 60, lead artist by day, just plain artist by night.  You can see galleries of my works here:


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/steven.stahlberg.7

My Patreon, if you want to see video tutorials and pinups, it starts as low as 1 dollar a month:


You can buy my videos on ArtStation, and here, once they disappear from the Patreon:


1990, when I got married, I changed my last name from Hägg to Hägg-Ståhlberg (in case you knew me then and wonder if I’m the same guy.  Ståhlberg was my mother’s maiden name.  I changed it for 2 reasons – living in English speaking countries my name became either Hag, Hog or Haag.  And also the Stahlberg name was about to die out.)

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Thank you!
In other news, I’ve recently been laid off, so for a little while I have to focus on getting a new job, which means this comic will be on hiatus for a week or two. Sorry about that. 🙂

Yes sorry I was moving, I still am but now at least I have my family and my cats in our new apartment, next comes my desk and chair so I can resume working at home. 🙂 I hope to be able to resume work this week.

Steven, have you thought of making like a Kickstarter or something? I’d love to buy this comic or make a donation, or something. I love the story so far! It’s so captivating.

Thanks, I’ve thought about it, and also about Patreon.com. I will do something like that, soon, but I would like to get rid of another obligation I have on my spare time first. Then I can focus even more on this project.

Greetings Mr. Stahlberg,

My name is John Downing. I am the author of a book entitled Peace & Justice that was released back in 05. However, recently I just finished another work, which is a collection of short stories and poems. The reason I’m contacting you is because a few years ago I came across some artwork you had created of a stunning redhead with short hair in a wet suit. Its unzipped and she has a tattoo below her navel. It is one of my all time favorites by you and I was curious to know if I could have your permission to use it as a cover for my next book. I know you’re most likely busy, so if you could just email me back at your earliest convenience that would be awesome. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

John Downing

Thanks! As far as I’m concerned you have my permission, but the copyright I think belongs to NCSoft, it’s Sarah Morrison from the game Tabula Rasa, they commissioned me. The game is long dead, so they may be willing to grant you permission for free, I’m not even sure if NCSoft exists anymore. 🙂

I know this is long overdue, but thank you, thank you for giving me permission. I got tied up in the promotions for my book last year so I became fairly busy after I emailed you. However, I am in the middle of working on my third book and it would be great to use Sarah Morrison for the cover. 🙂

You can email me at stahlber at yahoo dot com, Sarah was designed by the company that made Tabula Rasa, it’s been defunct for I don’t know about ten years now? But I’m not sure that releases the copyright to me.

Wow, I’ve always wanted to see this story realized. This is awesome. I’ve been waiting since I read the first draft of Android Blues back in 1999. Just read to page 45 to get caught up. Keep the great work up.

Hello! I recently found this comic and greatly enjoyed it so far. Does it still update or has it been abandon?

Thank you! Yes it’s still alive. I always finish what I start! 🙂 It’s just slow, sorry, mostly because my time is limited.
I now have page 50 nearly done, and 51 and 52 more than halfway done.

Dear Steven: I’ve followed your excellent work for some time on the CG Society site. You are a master of technique, composition, subject matter, color… your art lifts me. I would love to buy a print of Angel Tears (I’ve also seen it called Angel’s Lament, I believe) and The King’s Fairy Catcher, but I can’t find them. Can you help?
All the best to you.

Email me at stahlber at yahoo dot com, (no G),
and I will send the largest file I have to you so you can print it yourself. (But I don’t have internet at home until the 24th, I just moved again)

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