6 thoughts on “Page 343

  1. Terrazin

    So I was right, it was definitely the police gentleman. Let’s just hope he can actually be of help her.

    As a mere law enforcer, I’m not sure he could do anything about Vestine… could he ?

  2. Leopard215

    Hi Steve, I remember stumbling upon a cover art of yours that you did for a 3d modeling book by Peter Ratner few years ago and I was just completely enthralled by it at first glance. So a couple days ago, I’ve decided to revisit a few of your art works and I eventually came across to this comic and oh boy I think I’ve found a gem. I just couldn’t stop turning the pages and ultimately I’ve binged all the way from the cover till this point in the story. Felt pretty amazing when I look back from where it all began. It’s a truly admirable opus driven by a sheer force of passion.

      1. Leopard215

        Really love the top knotch and high quality work
        P.S. Am I the only one to think that Lisa looked like Calypso Muse? lol XD


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