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  1. Great work! For the Chinese translation of the wanted poster, I think it might be more accurate if you use:
    “通缉, 不论死活” for the
    “wanted dead or alive” and
    “杀手机器人” for the
    “killer android”

    • I agree, but the way they reason is, it’s better to have one android too many destroyed, than to gamble that independent androids won’t somehow find a good reason to get rid of all humans… and from the clients’ point of view they don’t lose that much, as there’s insurance, which if they pay a little bit extra the company will reimburse them with a new android if the old one is lost due to (accidental) isolation.

  2. Truly impressive art and layouts! The storyline is intriguing as well. Sexbots may very well become the wave of the future. Then. of course, there will be those who wish to grant them their independence. You can bet there will be resistance to that like there was to ending slavery and racial integration.

    No updates since August. Looking forward to new pages.

  3. Assuming she can convince the shut-in this will be her first truly non-hostile contact. Gotta wonder how Lisa is gong to play this exactly, what with the whole intimacy thing going on. You get the feeling she isn’t exactly down with selling herself for safety but desperate times…

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