5 thoughts on “Page 338

  1. Terrazin

    With her consciousness fully returned, perhaps Liza will have what it takes to finally take Pinkie down. I’m not talking about killing or destroying her; just making sure she never actually comes back. Don’t know, perhaps even a huge knock on the head to make her kill Vestine ?

  2. Observer

    Well I think it was most considerate of the guard droid to spray bullet holes through the window. Now we find out if it is like car window glass that goes in little pieces all over the carpet or is largely unaffected.

    Hooray! Maddie’s got her roller-blades on again!

  3. Frank

    Lisa is NOT a poopface. The only thing Pinky wants is the destruction of Lisa. Watch your language, Pinky, you are a naughty girl. Hopefully it is you that destroys Vestine … in your foolishness … for all the bad things she did to you.


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