7 thoughts on “Page 411

  1. Terrazin

    … I guess I DID foresee that, at least partly ?

    Pinkie being Vestine’s last trick up the sleeve. Now I’ll see what I can do with foreseeing whatever has to happen next.

  2. Arthur Frayn

    Hand spikes, nice. If they’re as long as her forearm I wonder if they’ve already penetrated his heart.

    1. Aname

      His naivete is endearing, if short-lived.
      What did he think she would do? Surrender peacefully?
      You would think that he would know this woman a bit better than that.

      1. Terrazin

        Perhaps he was just unaware of the hand spike trick. Who knows, it may even be the first time ever tha Pinkie pulls this trick up on somebody.

        The very split second before Pinkie pulls that spike up, both her and Vestine were seemingly unarmed, plus with Pinkie’s nun outfit, there was little to no room for hidden weapon (same goes for Vestine’s outfit, to some extent). And given that this man is definitely a soldier, his senses would not really consider them as a serious threat, not when he’s holding them at point-blank range.

        For a moment, he had it in control. But that was before one of the women desmonstrated that she had a GOD DAMN blade hidden in her forearm. Of course one would be taken aback by this.


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