6 thoughts on “Page 408

    1. Observer

      She’s had worse. See pages 283-285

      But I was still bracing myself for a titanium skull where her face should be, as in Terminator 1. Even though I know it is carbon fibre.

  1. Keith

    Uhg, bystanders. Won’t help, get in the way and you get in trouble if you clear them out with automatic fire of nerve agents.

  2. ZMugg

    After seeing virtually undetectable humanoid and animal androids everywhere, it makes me sad that there isn’t a cure for ‘vertical video’ in this timeline.

    1. Aname

      To be fair, it looks like the livestream the onlooker is doing is in landscape format and not portrait.
      The space underneath the stream looks like it is scrolling the chat feed.
      At least that’s my take on it, still, we do have the obligatory transparent sci-fi phones, must be a bitch to read without a plain background and the NoWayThisFitsInYourPocket phone.


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