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  1. Aname

    First thing to do is isolate the missile from the planes monitoring electronics.
    Pulling the attachment will alert the cockpit, so a physical or software loopback will be needed.
    Then access the missile casing and wreck the detonation circuit, maybe cut the detonator connections close to the implosion blocks. These should not be active until a detonation command is received.
    Has to be disabled in a way that will not be reported to the cockpit when the loopback is removed.
    Other than that, get the bay doors open and detach the missile from its rack. It will drop inert into the ocean (wouldnt be armed until nearly at the release point)
    Lisa could then do a Major Kong. (Umm … Is that a good thing?)

      1. Aname

        Maybe. I don’t know though.
        That approach didn’t work out too well with ThermoStellar Bomb #20 in Dark Star(1974), although Doolittle did get to do a Major Kong from low orbit. So not a total loss.

  2. Keith

    Just bugger the mount release points…a little hydraulic failure here, a missing grounding wire there and bob’s yer uncle the bomb can’t drop.


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