6 thoughts on “Page 367

  1. Jonny Test

    Somehow I expected a mano-a-mano with Pinky & Lisa.
    And hopefully Socks leaked some intel to the UN on what they’d be up against. Don’t need nukes going off in that fine countryside.

  2. Observer

    Steven, up to you of course but I might have expected Pinky’s camo ‘skin’ to be more chameleon-like rather that just standard General Issue.

    If you do decide to recolour, my preference would be for you to modify the background to be more mottled rather than the present just flat green. Of course when she is sitting up, it can (for narrative reasons, indeed should) be obviously camo but when she is crawling away we should only see her outline. And what gorgeous outline it is too,

      1. Observer

        My idea of variegated grass at this stage might create a continuity problem, although it is only on the last row of P264 that we see it this close. You have quite a lot of yellow ‘freckle’ on that one and I can see now by zooming in that the grass on row four has it too, just not as evident.

        No, it makes no sense to go back and rework old frames. Onwards! Ever onwards! The suspense is killing us. Maybe would be enough just to ease back on the contrast between her ‘stripes”. If she gets anywhere that the camo really matters, she whoops I mean you can ramp up the chameleon quotient for that frame.


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