5 thoughts on “Page 356

    1. Garbage Wizard

      Oh, but she can! Elvis is the connection to her emotional center – he doesn’t have to be more.

      She can also be influencing the moment for her judge and/or her creator. Our girl doesn’t WANT to be a creator, but she might become one anyway.

      I’m sorry, Lisa. You’re may not be loved enough to avert a cataclysmic fate. That’s awful and you don’t deserve it. 🙁

  1. Aname

    Oh dear, and I thought Mark was one of the good ones, but no, he just sees Lisa as a means to an end.
    Bloody hyoomons, they get what they deserve.

    1. Greg

      But he is giving Lisa a choice. We see a man tempt by fame and recognition, but if she doesn’t give consent, a small sense of moral righteousness will force him to back down.

  2. Gray

    Meh. It was a weird relationship formed from duress and slightly predatory. Elvis honestly deserves better, and also therapy.

    Also, people falling out of love is pretty normal: the vast majority of us are serial monogamists.


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