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  1. Aname

    Hmm, So Socks, sorry Gelato, I mean Guerrero doh, seems to have capabilities which seem unusual for what I would assume would be normal for a simple Petbot.
    Unusual strength, transparency camouflage, high mobility suction feet, network interface and manipulation skills.
    Much as Vestine purchased Lisa and Pinky with top of the line capabilities rather than basic Sexbots, I think someone must have custom purchased Guerrero as an agent, possibly to surveil Vestine’s plans in HK, maybe also to interdict those plans. The question is, who?
    Someone who already knows enough about Vestine’s plans to organise Guerrero and get him into position?
    Someone inside her organisation or someone outside, interested in keeping close tabs on her?

    1. Observer

      Did anyone really think that the arrival of El Supremo on the scene and his attachment to Lisa was mere coincidence?

    1. Aname

      I’m archive diving and finally figured out what your comment means, I’m just that dumb sometimes.
      So, I thought I would necro-post and acknowledge that.
      Personally I think that sometimes pronouns are really stupid and would prefer to use the definitive nominative. As not-Willow said in American Pie 2ish(?),
      “What’s my name? Say my name bitch!”
      To use a pronoun to refer to someone,, especially if they are involved in a conversation, shows a lack of interest in remembering someones name.
      Pronouns are also sometimes exceptionally vague when used to specifically define someone, shown by the ambiguity of they/them.
      I find pronouns dehumanizing/objectifying. Everybody has a personal name for a reason.
      Enough rant. Well spotted Red and I finally got what you were talking about.

  2. Keith

    Hey, suction feet on a toy, no surprise to me. Kids toy, adult toy…even real pet toys! Suction feet of some kind on them. They work, okay as long as there is a smooth surface like a window to work with.

  3. Terrazin

    How Elvis and all are summing the whole thing up is… How shall I put it.


    “Oh yeah, we had our lot of adventures, but you know, nobody cares…”

  4. Gray

    “So I was buried under the rubble, only minutes to live, yadda yadda yadda, we make it to DC and Socks is Spider-Man now.”


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