9 thoughts on “Page 198

    1. Trampled

      No, this is the sexual part, wait no that was last page when the song said she thought she was the passionate one.

  1. One-eyed Mike

    My post last night seems to have gone astray.

    I said i love the comic so far, but I am unhappy with the last two pages. I don’t see what they add to the story. We already know there was a massacre, and some of the outcome has been shown. Indeed the past massacre is what drives Lisa’s story.

    I am not squeamish. I have seen this stuff in real life, and washed a lot of blood off me. I don’t like people who glory in bloodshed. For me, it devalues one of the best comics online.

  2. John

    Somewhat agree with mike. I am a little uncomfortable with this section. Could still retain it with more subtlty and suggestive imagry.

    Above the two images I don’t mind are the bottom two the rest are a bit above the bar compared to what has come before.

    Funny how these two pages get the biggest reaction so far!

  3. Greg

    People are bitching about the violence? Come Fucking on. This is not the first violent, gorely sence! Remember when Lisa plucked her own eyeball out!

    1. John

      Not even on the same level. This is quite gratuitous by comparison.

      Besides, no one here is ‘Bitching’ exept you, this is constructive criticism. The artist is free to take this wherever he pleases.


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