4 thoughts on “Page 194

  1. Ooorah

    What a place to put a link – right in the middle of your forehead. I thought that it might make sense if that’s where the visual cortex is in the brain, but apparently that’s in the back.

    It’s also hilarious that, despite technology progressing so much in other ways, they’re still using the same port cover that my phone case uses.

  2. Professor Fate

    A Cybernetic SecDef and a Android girlfriend? Why no WiFi, guys? Even my earphones are WiFi. Of course this is an alternative world, but still …

    1. steven Post author

      I’m no expert but I imagine WiFi is more prone to hacking? Especially in the future with super-small robots able to infiltrate etc

  3. Tomas

    There’s a lot to unpack here. Her house looks like that, her name is Vestine Trumbald, and those fashionable forehead dots we’ve seen everywhere are cyberjacks that look like old-school headphone jacks.


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