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    1. TJUGS

      Yeah it happened shortly after the 2020 elections. Actual facts about that time are currently sketchy due to the Fake News of act brought in towards the end of 2019 and the establishment of the lifelong supreme leader. All media was conglomerated under Fox and Friends which is now the state owned news. Any criticism of the supreme leaders authority was swiftly dealt with thanks to NSA and CIA monitoring of every citizen home and mobile device. California and most of Hollywood left for Canada and with a huge leaflet campaign and peaceful protests convinced Alaska to break away from the union to form the Liberal union of Canada with Alaska often referred to as CanAL or Canadian Alaska.
      Anyone with liberal leanings were rounded up by the newly formed state secret police nicknamed “The Orange Men” due to them wearing an orange mask covering their face with a wispy blonde colored beret said to show their loyalty to the supreme leader and were forced to construct the southern wall in early 2021 followed by the northern wall which began construction in 2022.

        1. John Doe

          Red states lost… Trump Lost, then he tried to stage a coup. We are still waiting to see how it turns out. So far, no civil war.

          1. steven Post author

            I wrote this long before Trump announced he was running, it’s been obvious that the US empire is fading for quite some time, and maybe as the Roman empire did, it will split? Some think so, maybe not, I guess we’ll see.

  1. Bill Ding

    As much as I hope that these two have a happy ending, the pessimistic side of me thinks that anytime characters have grandiose, starry eyed plans, things always go to hell.

    Nobody made a comment about how she said she loved him?


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