5 thoughts on “Page 318

  1. Terrazin

    Aaaaalright, Maddie is here. SHit is going down at one point or another, I can tell.

    Because there is definitely NO SUCH THING keeping Maddie in check completey when they are around each other. At some point, blood is gonna be shed, no matter what.

  2. Arthur Frayn

    Vestine lives in a version of the room from the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. She has some taste, even though it’s borrowed.

  3. Thracecius

    This is not going to end well, but there’s an interesting tidbit here…big sister? So Lisa was first, at least according to what Maddie understands? That could turn into a decidedly crucial bit of information if Lisa wasn’t already aware of it.

    1. steven Post author

      well Maddie has been with Vestine longer, BUT she’s been constructed to look younger, and programmed to feel younger, than Lisa. That’s why she calls Lisa big sis (or onee-chan in anime) 🙂

  4. One-eyed Mike

    I feel sorry for Maddie.

    Vestine is mentally ill. And Maddie has suffered from Vestine’s illness, just as much as Lisa.

    Maddie does evil to make her crazy Mom happy. And to make her Mom love her.

    And in some confused way, Vestine does care for her. She’s not all black and murderous monster

    Really complex characters. Well done Mr. Author.


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