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  1. Stephen Bolhafner

    Talk about “hoist with your own petard” foreshadowing!

    I’ve been wondering all along how our heroine could possibly DO anything to the big bad once she got to her, and now the big bad herself is giving her the means! Sure, she thinks her fail safe whatever-it-is in her hand will save her, but I’m guessing Lisa will figure out a way around that one when the time comes …

    1. One-eyed Mike

      Obviously Vestine’s behaviour is unattractive. In that sense she is ugly. But I sense you mean her physical appearance.

      She seems to have a fairly normal, natural appearance for a mature woman. What expectations do you have for the appearance of females?

      Lisa is designed as a sex robot. So, she has certain traits which will look sexy to many people. She looks sexy.

  2. 944tim

    not looking at physical images.
    I meant her mind and soul and spirit is ugly.
    I have seen beautiful people who were vicious and cruel
    I have seen physically unpleasant people who are beautiful in mind and spirit.
    I am here for the story and not mere images, although Steven’s art and characterization is splendid.
    by the time you are my age (68) pictures and video aren’t a big deal
    l intend to be around when Steven completes the story.

    1. One-eyed Mike

      My apologies. I agree with your views, and it seems you are indeed a person of intellect and grandeur.

      I note you were born in the 1950s. I have just arrived at this current time, having travelled forward through time from 1952. My current plan is to travel forward further in time, ideally to the 2050s.

      Perhaps we will chat again then.



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