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  1. Thracecius

    The differences between Vestine and Lisa just keep getting more and more obvious. I think I’m as curious as Lisa to find out what IMC stands for, maybe even more. Her whole creation process and the personalities of the people who programmed her really have me curious, because while you can infer traits that should be necessary to have such a thoughtful design, there’s no way to know if it’s a whole group of people, or just a single creative force.

    I don’t know if the people behind Playbot will ever make any sort of appearance in the story, it seems unlikely, but it certainly would be interesting to meet them!

    1. Aname

      Implanted Memetic Codon perhaps.
      Those emotional fragments of memories that influence behavior and as a whole generate a personality.

      1. steven Post author

        yes, I was thinking Memory Construct, to highlight the fact that they’re entirely made by engineers from nothing, as opposed to the bulk of memories, but that might work too

  2. Observer

    The way things are going with FB this week, maybe the guy searching the trashcan for plate scrapings is its former CEO/Chairman/President-for-life? And the name on the truck would have to change of course… Yangzi.cn? Surely company policy is no hitch-hikers, but then again I suppose Lisa isn’t wetware so gets free pass.

    Has Elvis really left the building? Lisa must be starting to get withdrawal symptoms and the hobo search the trash is beginning to look attractive?

  3. Tomas

    Heh, I’m sure you’ve read the articles saying that designers of self-driving cars want to give them big cartoony eyes, so that people at pedestrian crossings will know they are seen.


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