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  1. Thracecius

    Nicely said, Lisa. Go, find the place you briefly thought of as home and rebuild your identity and past first hand. It won’t change anything necessarily, but it will give you peace of mind, and that’s something you’ll need in the hours and days ahead.

    Lisa may be a complex computer construct that is what constitutes a true AI, but if I didn’t already know she was an android and she said something like that to me, I’d swear it was a human response. You do a nice job subtly choosing her dialogue and behavior to be slightly off pattern for a human, but her overall presentation seems so close to a natural born human that she seems plausible. Rather like the movie “Ex Machina”, Alicia Vikander did an outstanding job making her body movements subtly more precise and machinelike than human movement, which made the overall presentation of her character as an android incredibly effective. I highly recommend the movie for anyone interested in sci-fi focusing on androids.

  2. Tomas

    I’m not sure what’s happening here. She bought a big sloppy joe, but isn’t eating it. Did she lose her appetite? Does she have an appetite or just a social compulsion to go through the motions of meal times?


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