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  1. Fernando

    I know I’ve already said it but this is outstanding work. A very exciting tale and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. The story strikes a familiar theme to me similar to Bladerunner. The visuals are striking and dramatic also evoking both familiarity and a sense of wonder.
    Have you ever considered a kickstarter project? I, for one, would have no problem contributing and spreading the word.
    Looking forward to many more pages. Keep up the great work!

    1. Dominic

      It is pretty close to the Rachel story in Bladerunner in that sense. Maybe too close? Maybe not. It wasn’t overly developed in the book so maybe making her the center of the story is a worthwhile exploration of the theme.

      1. steven Post author

        You are probably right, this is close to many other explorations of AI’s, Alita Battle Angel, Chobits, Ghost in the Shell, Steven Spielberg’s “AI”… I wrote it 18 years ago though, so my main influence subconsciously was probably Rachel.


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