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  1. Terrazin

    Alright, now Vestine is done. It doesn’t matter how long she manages to fend the soldiers off, she’s done for. I am not sure about the progress margin that surgery made in this year (compared to 2024, that is), but in 2024, that kind of wound is deadly. Her colon, is definitely damaged, which means that there are chances she will bleed to death.

    She wants to be saved ? She would have a hard time. She’s public ennemy number 1 right now. There is simply no chance that anyone will try and go for the rescue. Even Pinkie would not make it trough, especially with the UN soldiers using LITTERAL panzerschrek ammunition.

    1. Aname

      And the girl in the corner said, “Boy I want to warn you”
      It’ll turn into a ballroom blitz.

      I think most of the grunts have normal anti-personnel rounds. The red line on the mag denotes armour piercing.
      Still, plenty of bullets for anybody in the area. The grunt fired a 2 to 3 round burst burst.
      Vestine looks like she switched to full auto or burst. Full auto will run her dry pretty quick without a reload mag, burst will just take a little longer. Lots of open flat concrete area, those bullets are going to go everywhere. That weapon cord still attached to Konrad is going to make aiming impossible, Vestine will probably just spray and pray. Danger Zone, anywhere in front of her to about 300 metres.

      1. Observer

        It’s a graphic novel, not a text book. She is going to take out half a dozen NPCs first. She has a trivial wound in her triceps, just a scratch in movie world. If it suits Steven’s purposes, she can easily get away. If not, it is time for a blaze of glory. The chief baddie doesn’t just peter off stage left.

  2. Tsath

    Oh FFS. A platoon of trained soldiers at short range all miss except for a “harmless” rifle round through the shoulder? That one was stale back When Guns like was new

    1. steven Post author

      She’s human. Yeah, I’ve shot rifles, but I don’t have any experience with such wounds… although I’ve seen what they can do in videos. I guess you’re right. But Vestine’s about to drop the rifle and fall down, in the next second or so. Maybe that’s ok?

    1. Aname

      Hah, good comparison. That bastard was definitely hard to kill; poisoned, shot , stabbed and drowned.
      Deffo shot even if the rest might be apocryphal.
      He still had some pretty good plot armour. Until he didn’t.


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