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  1. Tooniator

    At first, I was thinking that no one would be stupid enough to make a missile using AI. Then I recalled that every internet router in the world has a LAMP stack inside, giving an enormous attack surface. Yes, engineers really are that stupid.

    1. Observer

      I think that current (i.e, IRL, not story time) use GPS navigation until they get close to target, then inertial guidance because designers expect blocking or spoofing. So evolving the countermeasure tech out 50 years would make true “fire and forget” essential, which means an intelligent autopilot that can evade counter-attack. Kamikaze-bot.

      1. Aname

        ThermoStellar Bomb #20 in Dark Star(1974).
        “To go ‘boom’ or not to go ‘boom’, that is the question”
        If my existence is predicated on my function then do I not exist if I do not fulfill my function?
        If I do not go ‘boom’ do I therefore not exist, and if I do go ‘boom’ will I therefore not exist?
        Being an AI sucks, don’t know how you hyuumons do it, existing and not existing at the same time like bloody cats.

  2. Aname

    Ode to an inverted hole.

    Oh hole, thou art inverted.
    Mine senses be perverted.
    Tho thou art but naught,
    Thy existence is fraught
    By gravediggers, locums and dentists.


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