11 thoughts on “Page 382

  1. Observer

    Possible continuity error, I’m afraid. On page 381, Vestine is on the flight deck talking to the captain. So how come she is still climbing the ladder here on page 382?

      1. steven Post author

        oh. That’s meant to be Vestine standing outside on 381… she’s walking behind the bombjack, making sure it loads properly. I have to go back and add something in the background to make it more clear then. Thanks for the feedback.

        1. Aname

          Doh! Yeah, Vestine was doing the loading on 380.
          She must have picked up the pilot chatter on the ear-mike in 381, responded, finished loading, started climbing the ladder and called Pinky.
          Pinky must have been doing perimeter security, poorly it seems.

        2. Observer

          Ah, ok. My jump to wrong conclusion.

          Simple solution: add a bright star (Venus?) through the cockpit window and few twilight stars behind Vestine.

          Would that work?

          1. steven Post author

            Yes good idea, thanks. A star, part of a building or trees, something like that. I’m also thinking of adding Vestine into frame 3 on 381

  2. Onyavar

    The map in panel 4 is mirrored.
    An AI knowing that would not get confused by it, but then panels 5-6 are all not mirrored, so I wanted to point it out.
    All the best, it’s an amazing comic.

    1. steven Post author

      Thank you!
      yeah I did that because I was thinking, it’s a transparent hologram type thing, and we’re looking at it first from behind, then from her pov. But you’re right, it’s not clear that our pov shifted, I should add her shoulder or back of head in the first pov shot


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