3 thoughts on “Page 352

  1. Jonny Test

    I prefer the direct approach. Kill Vestine. However, it would be elegant to release the videos to her local competition for North American leadership, and let them do the deed.

    1. Aname

      As the Taco ad says, ” Porque no los dos?”
      El Magnifico Guerrero Cibernetico can DM their handler with the info and then everybody can do the “Boom Boom” on Vestine.

  2. Gray

    Uh, Lisa? WAR IS VERY ACCEPTABLE RIGHT NOW. When the Secretary of Defense is planning to nuke Yellowstone and the Canary Islands YES YOU GO TO WAR TO STOP A GLOBAL DISASTER THAT WILL END THE LIVES OF MILLIONS.

    And Vestine is NOT untouchable, I don’t care how powerful she thinks she is. Someone else in the top brass will have her have an “accident” to prevent Arma-fucking-geddon!


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