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  1. Thracecius

    Yeah, that look from Vestine tells me that she knows something is going on, though I am only guessing that her hearing must be quite good, either that or Lefty isn’t very good at stealth. This is going to end badly for Lisa in some way, I’m just not sure how. 🙁

      1. frank

        Think the colours in the lower pictures should be reversed: pink for Sherlock Holmes and blue for Lisa.

        Don’t know how long Vestine’s shower will last and hope that Lefty quickly finds what she’s looking for and can escape through the vent without damaging it and leaving a trace … Vestine is not that stupid though her mind is pure evil.

        Like the continuous twists and turns in the storyline and hope that Lisa’s adventures will continu for a while, the end will be sad. Like all characters so far and think a lot will return somewhere sometime, that is except Vestine …

        Bizar that Lisa takes out her eye and it grows back, also her skin after explosions and fire but her hand doesn’t but hey wait it’s a drone. Sincerely hope that Lefty escapes without damage …

        1. steven Post author

          Thanks for the kind words and feedback.
          I had the colors reversed at first, then I thought, hold on I need Lisa’s main brain, blue, to have more agency than the Steward, pink… the more I thought about it the more I feel like Lisa as the protagonist should make most of the important decisions, the only reason Steward made the decision to deploy the hand was because main-brain didn’t remember it, and also she was a bit out of it after the brain washing… but now she’s back. maybe it will make more sense with the next page 🙂


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