2 thoughts on “Page 325

  1. One-eyed Mike

    Thank you for the increased page rate. I realise the extra workload for you. The story is going well – I’m really liking it.

    I have just looted a dungeon. Is there a way to send you a one-off donation from the loot bag? I know why authors prefer regular Patreon donations. However, this is not open to me, for reasons.

    Also, do you realise that Android Blues has no donation/Patreon link from the daily comic page?

    1. steven Post author

      Thank you for your kind offer! And for your kind words!! 😀
      about regular donations, sure I get it, but since patreon grabs the fee immediately as you sign up, if you immediately after sign off that’s it, it becomes a one-time payment. And you can set your own amount, at least I think so, I’ve never tried it myself. Other than that, all I can think of is to give you my PayPal url haha but that seems a bit overkill, please don’t feel like you have to pay me anything at all. I’m doing this mostly for myself, I just feel like I HAVE to get this story out of me somehow. 🙂
      About donation links on the front page, I’ll have a look and see if I can fix it, thanks!


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