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    1. steven Post author

      good point at this stage, fungal infections might begin but probably wouldn’t last long as fungi need organic material to grow. Viral infections, no, viruses need cells with DNA to replicate. Bacterial, they need sugar… also she can run a fever much higher than most animals can, or douse herself in some chemical we can’t. Probably she has nanobots too 🙂

  1. Thracecius

    Please don’t die on us, Lisa, we’re counting on you to stop that psycho and her crazy, power-mad, sleeze of an owner. Heaven knows no one else seems to be willing or able to do anything.

    It dawned on me after I finished my post on the previous page that I should have commented on Lisa’s rather impressive durability. I don’t know why a laser that powerful only burned the dermal layer off most of her back, but I’m assuming there’s a good reason and that she was protecting Elvis was because it would do life-threatening damage to him.


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