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  1. Erin

    I’ll tell you who I am – and I am not merely the sum of the memories of my experiences.

    I am a woman who, here and now, is an atheist in practice, a transhumanist, an audiophile, a variety media enthusiast. And I am much, much more than this.

    Certainly much of this has been shaped by past experience… but that’s just it. It was *shaped* by the past. It exists here in the present… and if my childhood was all just implanted memories, then that would all be the same to me. I’d research and evaluate, reflect on what my philosophies and ideals are based on as I always do, and I would adapt them as necessary to fit a clearer and more objective perception of reality.

    In the end, who I was yesterday makes me little difference. If I had the same epiphany as this synthetic woman, I would be unsettled, perhaps disturbed, but it would not shatter my sense of self. It would merely offer another lense through which to introspect.

    1. steven Post author

      I’m sure you’re right… 🙂 the “narrator” (the guy who speaks in those blue boxes, whom we shall meet later on), is probably comparing synthetic humans to real humans a little bit too closely. What he says goes for androids, yes. But probably not us.

  2. Daniele Italy

    This is fantastic, there is so much of Moebius, Jimenez, Fernandez and all the great scifi illustrator form the golden age of 1980, all mixied in an original way.
    Thats somewath i was waiting from cg.

    Really great 🙂


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