4 thoughts on “Page 190

  1. Ooorah

    I get there’s not really a way to discuss not in hearing range of “El Guerrero Cibernetico”, but damn that’s cold. I like the parallels Lisa is drawing.

  2. Fernando

    Hadn’t visited in at least a year. Just re-read entire story. Love the progression. Love the characterization. Love the absolutely amazing artwork. I’m astounded at how you keep churning out such quality work consistently using this methodology. Outstanding! Keep up the fantastic job!

  3. Bhoddisatva

    It’s arguable that Lisa is broken. I doubt she would pass whatever battery of robo-psychology tests they use to see androids like her remains within legally safe parameters. She’s deviated too much in becoming a free willed person. So in that case she is as ‘broken’ as Socks. By taking the stance he has on Lisa I feel our Hero is obligated to treat Socks the same way as long as he isn’t displaying dangerous behavior.

    1. Speedy

      Dangerous behavior? They’ve known Socks for 5 minutes, and he already has his head nestled between Lisa’s boobs! Elvis was counting on those being HIS travel pillows. Elvis is right to be worried… just, maybe not for the reasons he’s telling Lisa.


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