7 thoughts on “Page 142

  1. Ooorah

    Called it! But what an abusive relationship.

    I think the tattoos are missing from the previous page. The page before that also doesn’t show them, though that could just be the angle and small portion of her body shown. I was just a bit surprised to see them on this page, when I hadn’t noticed them before.

  2. Bhoddisatva

    I felt bad for Maddie. Crazy as a hatter but piling abuse on top of it because they see her as a ‘thing’ isn’t right. And because we have all seen the fiction where the abused AI gets its revenge and we all end up as batteries in a tank.

  3. Bill ding

    Very interesting direction this is going. Love this story! For what it’s worth, a few suggestions to consider:

    1. I believe the word is “whining” not “whinging”
    2. Although 38 caliber semi automatic pistols do indeed exist, a far more common caliber would be 9mm (which would still probably not kill Maddie)

    Please keep up the great work!

    1. steven Post author

      Thank you for your positive feedback and positive crits!
      on Googling I see Brits and Aussies use both whine and whinge, Americans use only whine so you’re right, as an America, she should only be using whine, I’ll change it. 🙂
      About the caliber, that’s right too, I owned both types, should have remembered. 🙂


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