4 thoughts on “Page 66

  1. Frank

    What happens next???? This is really good! I enjoyed every page, couldn’t stop clicking/turning! I only have one thing to add:More, more, more!!!!!

  2. Ben

    This is great work, I am reading it for the third time now and enjoy it more and more each time!

    Sorry for being a jerk though – if I am not mistaken, the picture shows the starboard side of the ship, so the navigation light should be green, doesn’t it? I know it’s nitpicking, sorry for it, but as someone who loves sailing… no offence!

    1. steven Post author

      no thanks, I need to know these things, so I can fix them, I’m a well-known nitpicker myself. 🙂
      It makes sense because I reversed the direction of the ferry compared to the reference.


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