10 thoughts on “Page 416

  1. Terrazin

    Well, well, well.. If that is not the usual mental breakdown the villain undergoes when they realize their tricks won’t work anymore…

  2. Aname

    Cameron T-900 mode engaged.
    That or Popeye mode.
    “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more”
    Either works.

    1. Terrazin

      Looks like it indeed. Or perhaps it’s more about Liza having no trouble to get rid of her because she is, you know… KINDA EXTRA-PISSED at Vestine ?

    2. Red

      Solid 0 o 0 face. Or something.
      Apparently Vestine’s controls are unfocused? I’m starting to assume that the dollhouse was supposed to work as a team. Wonder if that will be important in the next two scenes…

      1. Aname

        Lisa was activated in HK at the scene of the massacre to be the fall guy for it.
        Vestine didn’t have any intention for Lisa beyond that, she was a disposable prop for the event.
        Which could also be a part of the reason for Vestines lack of care when generating Lisa, leading to Lisa’s homunculus.
        So then, the palm thing then seems to be more of a device designed to control Pinky. Lisa may have been only incidentally effected(affected?) by being a similar model of gynoid as Pinky. Might be a generic built-in system.

        1. Observer

          Yes, it is a generic built-in system. Lisa had hers removed about 50 pages back, remember?

          I think folk are over-interpreting Steve’s reuse of the Pinky drawing between panel one and panel three on row three. Comic artists often do this. In addition, Pinky speaks in panel three, so she is not frozen. Anyway, it would be reasonable to assume that the palm signal is reasonably directional and unreasonable to assume that Pinky is in the line of fire too. [Full disclosure: I wrote this after seeing page 417 but I believed it beforehand.]

          1. steven Post author

            I was a bit back and forth on Pinky’s pose in those 2 frames, finally decided that Pinky should freeze temporarily just as a fun background detail, because otherwise I’d have had to have Vestine say something like “Lisa freeze!” to specify, and that felt a bit unwieldy. Vestine’s palm thing was designed to be a fail-safe for all her androids so it affects any android owned by her that is in range when she triggers it. (Should also have some effect when V sleeps, I just realized, or she could conceivably be in danger while unconscious)

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