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  1. Onyavar

    Ummmmmmmm as much as I adore the story.

    Check Panel 3, measure the distance from the front bumper to the steering wheel.
    Check Panel 5+6+7, squint the eyes and do some math maybe. This is not right.

        1. Aname

          Please don’t hate me for this … but,
          Since 1967, Sweden is a RH drive country.
          3rd September 1967, Högertrafikomläggningen.
          So, the wheel should be on the left,.
          It appears that the wheel in the BRFT is on the right.

          1. steven Post author

            I understand, I’m aware, the explanation is it was originally flipped the other way, but the flow and consistency was bad. Now we just have to imagine the side of the vehicle has been removed, like they do sometimes in the movies to create difficult shots. 🙂 Not sure how I could fix it. Maybe we can imagine it’s a vehicle steered in the center, as it’s being sold to different countries… idk

          2. Aname

            As things go it’s really only a small beer.
            Squint and you’d miss it entirely.
            It’s a good page, shows Pinkies tenacity well.

          3. Observer

            Maybe Steven already edited since you wrote that but upper half of panel 3, row 3 shows the left corner of the windscreen, as seen from Lisa’s PoV.

            Turn up the rave music and HIT THE FOAM BUTTON, LISA!

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