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    1. steven Post author

      it stands for Selective-Calling, it’s a radio system where the tower can call a specific plane and it alerts the pilot, I guess it works like a phone, except you get a new phone number each time you fly. 🙂

    2. Observer

      Or alternatively, I could have asked Wikipedia:

      In international aviation, SELCAL or SelCal is a selective-calling radio system that can alert an aircraft’s crew that a ground radio station wishes to communicate with the aircraft. SELCAL uses a ground-based encoder and radio transmitter to broadcast an audio signal that is picked up by a decoder and radio receiver on an aircraft. The use of SELCAL allows an aircraft crew to be notified of incoming communications even when the aircraft’s radio has been muted. Thus, crewmembers need not devote their attention to continuous radio listening.

      and in case anybody doesn’t know about Gander,

      Gander International Airport (IATA: YQX, ICAO: CYQX) is located in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and is operated by the Gander International Airport Authority. Canadian Forces Base Gander shares the airfield but is a separate entity from the airport. The airport is sometimes referred to as the “Crossroads of the World”, and is classified as an international airport by Transport Canada.

      … which fails to say that it is the last ATC point in North America for transatlantic air traffic.

      1. Aname

        So very nearly correct.
        The Gander in question would refer to the Gander ACC. ICAO: CZQX, responsible for ATC in the Gander OCA.
        Shanwick is the next area to the east. Shanwick OCA: controlled out of Shannon, Ireland and Prestwick, Scotland.
        It would make sense to base the ACC at YQX, co-location of radars and radios and such.
        I dont know if that is the case though.
        OK, having a quick look at the wiki shows that Gander Control (GAATS) is at or nearYQX.
        CZQX is however a separate entity to CYQX with different responsibilities and authority.

  1. Gray

    You don’t really get to choose or decide your beliefs. Either you’re convinced of something, or you’re not.

    1. steven Post author

      True, but the amount of evidence needed to be convinced of something varies greatly between individuals, and the amount needed to change one’s mind varies even more. Like for instance, some people are told when they’re kids that there’s an old man in the sky who will send them to hell if they don’t do this or that, and that works like a computer program in their heads, they can’t change it, without outside help. While others constantly question everything, and spend their lives searching for the truth, constantly changing their minds as new data comes to light. I think that’s what Pinky means. The ability to rise above the programming, and decide to question something.


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