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  1. Frank Dumortier

    War is bad. Wounded/death soldiers/people on both sides. Don’t like it. Images from the beginning of the ukrainian war (the pregnant women on the stretcher after the destruction of the hospital in Mariupol, both mother and unborn child …death; Natasja, the woman with the ‘I feel’ t-shirt laying in the ground/mud after a rocket attack in Bachmut, from what I have read she’s still alive and so many others …). Up till today it haunts me and I cannot forget.

    This is war. Jax and Roach won’t make it. Pinky although she’s as nuts as hell is a victim, a pawn on the battlefield of mad men and women (Vestine). She expresses no emotions, has no emotions … Vestine really messed up her brain. Mark should have had his way with her …

    In the mean time, I am curious about Lisa, Elvis, Socks, … What did Mark find after his intervention. Is it something to worry about, it makes me very anxious. Does Lisa still have a reboot button or was this also wiped away with the virus attack. Hope that Lisa is allright. She’s the most human person in all this. Mark became meaner since he’s on the hunt for his Nobel price. What about Elvis. Hope Lisa and Elvis still love one another after Mark messed up Lisa’s brain. What about the police officer.

    Hope for more twists and turns. That is how Steven addicts us all to this magnificent story, tearing us inside the story as a compagnion.

    Thanks for all your marvelous ideas. Really hope this story never ends. It is simply the description of life as it is with all its good an bad things and I really love all figures.

    Thanks a lot (TaL) Steven


  2. Terrazin

    Now that is something interesting happening. Pinky showing genuine compassion ?
    Part of me is actually sorry for whatever is gonna happen to her.

    On the other side, I most certainly hope that Vestine gets the justice she deserves… Aka good old public summary execyution !
    This kind of people doesn’t deserve to go to jail. She’s far too dangerous for that.

  3. Jonny Test

    Was not Vestine attacked at the same time? Proper strategy demands it.
    Don’t worry, Pinkyhontas, a dead mom won’t yell at you. (However, our pink psychopath will probably kill herself if Mom is toast.)
    But what has Mark done to sweet Lisa? We need a happy ending!

    1. steven Post author

      The problem for the UN forces is they didn’t know at first if this was a credible threat or not, and so they sent smaller lighter forces to the 2 sites, both outside the USA. Starting with the Canary Island, and when they saw a SEAL team with nukes there, they knew the intel was good and gave the go-ahead for the other site. But attacking Washington DC isn’t really possible for them


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