6 thoughts on “Page 342

  1. Terrazin

    Judging by Elvis face, and Socks’ as well, I am pretty sure something is wrong…or at least off !
    Either they don’t recognize her, or there is something awfully wrong with them, given the man behind them. I mean, we don’t even see his face.

    I have two hypothesis on this one

    1-The first one would be that the man behind is the policeman from the very beggining of the story. He eventually caught up with the bunch, arresting Elvis ans Socks, and using them as a bait to make Liza come out.
    2-The second one, far more sinister, would be that during Liza’s “sleep” (while Vestin had her reprogrammed), Liza’s creators ended up building a copy of Elvis as well.

    Either way, looks like a trap to me. The actual Elvis would have definitely smiled, or something like that !

    So…yeah, I really hope that I’m mistaken.

  2. Siva

    Somehow, I’m thinking of the heat trick from the train.

    And that if that’s not Elvis, it’s a human.

  3. nekaz

    uhh is that ognna be her original creator behidn him or something idk i just assume so cuz they speicifically mentioned him but then he never showed up

    or actually wait i guess it could be the cop too


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