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  1. tim williams

    #275. they are traveling east on a highway with a truck they ‘bought’ for 20000HK.
    are they driving on the correct side of the road? US and Canada drive on the right. there is usually a hint as to what side of the vehicle the steering wheel is on.. This could lead to a surprise down the road…

    1. Aname

      They are coming towards us as shown by the dust/exhaust cloud behind the car, so yes they are on the american side of the road. They are travelling West as the US/Canada border is North of the Tropic of Cancer, so the sun is to the South of them, the shadow of the vehicle and on the side of the road is on the left of the image as we look at it therefore that is North. North left, South right, East background, West foreground.

      1. steven Post author

        Thanks for the in-depth analysis, you’re right they are coming towards us, I had to really think carefully about which side of the road they were on there… but I admit I didn’t think to carefully about the shadow direction here. They are heading towards Washington DC eventually, and Fargo in the short term, looking at the road map it has a stair-case zig-zaggy shape with some legs going south and some east… I guess if the time is early enough the shadows could be on the left side of the image, later in the day they might be on the right?

        1. Observer

          Since it is hydrogen fuelled, a cloud of water vapour coming out the back and drifting across the field is as it should be. Unfortunately, it shows up a continuity problem in page 272, middle panel bottom row: “CAUTION! LEGAL NOX LIMIT EXCEEDED!”. A H/O engine can’t produce any NOX.
          Unless you change the Elvis’s voice over to say he is supercharging with a little bootleg petroleum?

          1. steven Post author

            Hydrogen combustion in air produces oxides of nitrogen too, just like other combustion processes, since there’s nitrogen and oxygen in air.
            especially if the fuel mixture is “rich” that is if there’s a bit too much hydrogen coming in

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