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  1. Bill Ding

    Great series! Great balance of intrigue, humor and sexy sci-fi!

    Just noting a small typo on the 2nd to last panel. rythm should be rhythm

    Love this story!

  2. Ooorah

    I think this is the first time I’d actually like to hear Socks expound more upon a subject. These kinds of details are interesting, and something you don’t normally think about.

    Most authors/artists have a disconnect between what their character is and how they are portrayed. Like “She’s a 900 year old vampire who just happened to have been turned when she was 8.” But she also acts like she’s an 8 year old human almost all the time, and the whole “extremely old” and “vampire” thing only comes up when necessary for the story. It would have been easy for you to say “She’s an android pleasurebot who doesn’t know it at first” and then have her act fully human except in specific circumstances. But these kinds of things highlight the difference that makes it interesting and more immersive.

    1. steven Post author

      Thanks! I can certainly talk more about it (Socks is basically a part of me lol) but at the same time I’m trying to control my urge for exposition, because I’ve seen some other web comics that have zero plot and nothing but expo and I hate that… 🙂
      But yes. Lisa and others like her can’t be allowed to be competitive at all. For humans it’s obviously of integral importance otherwise we wouldn’t be here. But totally not necessary in organisms constructed, like her. And especially not good when she’s supposed to have a nurturing accepting loving personality. So androids are cooperative only – something that humans also are, except it so often comes into conflict with the competitive urge. For this reason also, she doesn’t quite get sports – she gets the drive to improve, but only to the benefit of others. Not to get that gold medal, to beat the guy with the silver, at any cost, including for some people cheating. And she really doesn’t get people rooting for a team, for “their” team, getting competitive as fans, when they’re not even playing. 🙂

  3. Tomas

    Title drop, kind of. Over 200 pages in, we learn that the title is an oxymoron. She literally can’t sing the blues.


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