4 thoughts on “Page 172

  1. Ooorah

    Did you show the first couple of panels just because everyone was asking how the cop would get off the bike? Intentional or not, that made me crack up.

    1. steven Post author

      haha partly, it’s something that people have been commenting and complaining about for decades ever since I posted the first version of this bike online 🙂

      1. HumalaDuck

        For the record, even though I commented on the design of the cycle, I was in no way complaining about it. And I thank you for going out of your way to illustrate the answer to the question of how the officer dismounts the vehicle. You’ve made it look quite sensible.

        It’s just not as cool as the bike performing an ejection maneuver of the rider…that’s all I’m sayin’. *SPROING!!!* *Action Stance* =]


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