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  1. Weiser

    She’s too caring I guess. Regarding Elvis’ miserable, former life, regarding the sudden turn – access to an enormous amount of money, access to an utterly sexy girl, the kick of danger (he tried to find in videogames recently) – Lisa won’t get rid off him that easily.

  2. darren

    Found you on DA. Just read the 118 pages. Great stuff.
    I hope you continue the story. You put a lot of effort into every page, so it would take a while to do.
    Re her eye. If a tracker is built in, then as someone else said, it would probably grow back. Be a bugger to have to pull out your eye every week or so.
    Perhaps she can find some sort of android hacker to help her modify her design code. Would not take much to get the tracker to stop working. Tell the nanobots to change how they do the rebuild.
    And where did the material to rebuild the eye come from? Stores on her body I guess. Means she would need to take on more material every so often, even if her power source is non-organic.

    I do like the idea that she gets her emotional needs satisfied by giving random people who need some contact a hug. That was a great idea to add.

    Great work. How often do you post new pages? Randomly? And is there an alert on your page somewhere to tell us who follow it, when a new one is done?


    1. steven Post author

      Thank you! Good points about the tracker and the eye there, yeah I have to show her ‘ingesting’ something later maybe… 🙂
      I work on new pages randomly, as I have time between paying gigs, usually it adds up to a few hours a week. No alert here, but I do post it on Facebook when I put a new one up. 🙂


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