4 thoughts on “Page 101

  1. Weiser

    Hey guy, this is your chance to become self-confident regarding your lovedrive, to become the same hero you are in your games, and get killed in the real life, too! ;->

  2. Fan

    I should be surprised already that a master like you can draw but credible smiles are really REALLY difficult but you totally nailed it in panel 3.

  3. Leon

    The art in his is great, I am enjoying the story.
    Time and time again, I am blown away by a particular page or panel.

    Panel 3 here, I finally have to say – beautiful.

    How did I find this comic. For months I have been coming across Stahlberg artwork on websites or searches (without a name – I think some stolen), finally in a group – someone shared an image and attached your name to it. From there, I found the legit site, click open the Android street shop and then to the comic.

    Great work. I’ll be using Patreon when I can!

    Thanks for all of your artwork, not just this comic.


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