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  1. Andreas

    That’s waht I call a cliff hanger. Just finished reading the comic from the beginning again.
    following since Page 4
    Greast work, wil it be printed some day?

    1. steven Post author

      there’s a pdf of the first 187 pages in my ArtStation store, just 1 dollar, but that’s probably not what you meant.
      Yes, some day when it’s all done I will want to print it, I’ll do my best to make it happen 🙂

  2. Canageek

    Hey, just found and caught up on the comic- Do you have an RSS feed so I can see when it updates?

    1. steven Post author

      I never used those things myself so I’m not sure how it works, it’s not helpful that the WP interface is so user-unfriendly to comics authors that don’t know anything beyond HTML (it’s fragile and when it breaks it’s impossible for me to fix I have to get outside help every time). So I’m reluctant to touch any settings around here anymore. I thought I did add RSS years ago, but then there was a break and now I don’t know… I guess it’s not working anymore. Sorry, I’ll try to research it.
      Meanwhile, just assume a rate of roughly 2 pages per month. Sorry it’s so slow, I put a lot of work into the art 🙂


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