Monthly Archives: December 2019

Problems with ‘Settings’

There was an update or a series of updates that screwed up everything here, for about a week now I’ve been fiddling randomly with all the buttons I see, I have no idea what I’m doing, as a result some things are working and some things still not. I’ve tried rolling back Manga+Press to previous version, I’ve tried installing ComicPress (but instructions seem out of date or plain wrong), I’ve clicked buttons on and off… I’ve discovered that I really really hate WordPress and if anyone has a better free option to display simple goddamn images in a sequence, I’m listening.

Meanwhile, all the permalinks seem to be working right now. So you can go to any one page, like for instance #166 here:

and from there navigate to any other page you want. I think. Let me know if that doesn’t work either. Right now I’m not even sure this blog post will work properly.

Here’s the very first page, if you prefer starting from there:

Thanks for your patience and patronage 🙂