5 thoughts on “Page 92

  1. Bhoddisatva

    I really like this page. Your art showing the expressiveness of a human face has gotten much better. I particularly like her ‘Really? Really?!?’ face in the 2nd panel!

    Looking forward to where your story takes us.

  2. Ronald

    I guess it’s about time she starts chasing her creators and use some of her ‘features ‘ to get results. Was she built to order? or is there someone else?

  3. nekaz

    i get for plot reasons why they did this but who tf wants a bot that dies in a week bruh cant ven go on vacation

    1. steven Post author

      nah doesn’t have to be the owner’s contact, just any human… like how I had to get the neighbor to look in on my cats when I wanted to travel, except no poop to clean 🙂


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