4 thoughts on “Page 89

  1. Nightfire

    I’m so glad to see another page! I imagine it must be a little creepy looking at all those and realizing you’re basically one of them.

  2. Weiser

    Wow, impressive painting!
    I had to go back to the first pages and check out if Lisa was manufactured that way. Looking at the prices I’d guess they are much cheaper models than her. Problably without personality, so there is not a patch on them.

  3. Weiser

    Looking twice at this picture, Lisa beholds (as a breakaway) the slave market she would belong to “by birth”, but due to her special assignment and her “malfunction” she never did.

  4. J.F. Sebastian

    Really nice painting, I especially dig the store owner/vendor sitting there with the cell. Gives it this detached feeling. Nice touch!


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