5 thoughts on “Page 83

  1. the red way

    Hopefully, it wasn’t useless! 🙂
    Is she blind? She seems to have difficulties to find the tracker.
    Awesome story by the way, every update is like a little gift ^^

    1. steven Post author

      She’s not fully blinded, but it’s dark and there’s an inch of dirty water and some blood and bits to search through, and she’s panicking and feeling sick… I know it has a little glowing red light but I only put that there for the reader to get what’s going on more easily 🙂

  2. Bess

    I’ve been lurking on this comic for a long time (shamefully) without posting a comment.

    It’s a wonderful slow burning story with an obvious understanding of cyberpunk. I love the attention to atmosphere and world building.

    Also goes without saying that the art is superb. Some oversensitive types might criticize the comic for the obviously sexy nature of the protagonist.
    But I’m a perfectly straight girl and honestly: I see it as a celebration of the female form. What girl doesn’t like the idea of having adventures and kicking ass, all whilst looking as good as Lisa ?.

    Great stuff. Looking forward to more !.


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