7 thoughts on “Page 430

  1. Observer

    Told’ya the chief baddie has to get a big exit scene! Vestine could never just fade to black, she has to have another ace up her sleeve. And we still have to have her HQ getting blown up.

    But the chief goodie can’t fade away either. M E D I C !!!!

    1. steven Post author

      They’re just teenage conscripts, just happened to be closest when the alarm went out. And there are civilians all around in the line of fire

  2. Arthur Frayn

    “Unauthorized surgery on androids is illegal… for good reason.”
    I can’t wait to find out if it’s a danger of electrocution.

  3. Observer

    Lisa doesn’t have NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE tattooed anywhere obvious, does she? So it is perfectly safe. ish.


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