8 thoughts on “Page 428

      1. Aname

        You must realize
        Smoke gets in your eyes
        So I chaffed them and I gaily laughed
        To think they could doubt my love

        They probably don’t want to breathe too much of that stuff in.
        It’s aluminium coated glass fibres 0.025 down to 0.018 mm thick.
        That can’t be good for you.

        1. Observer

          That stuff must be highly conductive so if it gets into Lisa’s (or Pinky’s) circuits, it’ll be “entertaining” (but not in a good way).

    1. Arthur Frayn

      It’s currently unclear whether she got a shot off before the corpse of Konrad dragged the rifle out of her hand by the strap around his neck. It’s unclear whether the BANG of the chaff cylinder popping was at the same time as such a shot, or was an event by itself. We have to wait for the next update. There’s a tense possibility that Lisa has taken another bullet, but we can’t know anything yet for certain. Suspense.


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