11 thoughts on “Page 427

  1. Aname

    Some sort of flechette grenade?
    An explosive core with a frangible casing to generate a good sized cloud of fairly low penetration but still potentially damaging needles.

  2. Arthur Frayn

    I’m hoping these are some form of flash-bang, with the purpose of disorienting an opponent for capture, rather than flechettes to maim in combat. I’m still wondering what Pinky is going to do.

  3. Vulcan

    KInda surprised the rest of the soldiers around haven’t turned our villain into swiss cheese already. She killed the hostage, the line of fire is clear, SOMEONE should have fired by now…

  4. Observer

    Can I just say that the artwork on this page is astounding. It is presents such a discontinuity with the preceding style and so expresses the moment perfectly. The text is almost incidental.

  5. George Blackhead

    Hi Steven!
    I do suppose those are some EM shielding-cloud-creating fragmentation bombs, to spread a cloud of alu-foil (or so) pieces, to disrupt the electromagnetic means of communication. Am I right?

    Situation seems to be climaxing, but as there were army personel dispatched to the situation, they all should already start heavy fire with Vestine as a target. But we do not see this. 😉
    I’m really looking forward to the resolution of this stand off…

    Thank you!

  6. Blapor

    I’m wondering if that contraption is something meant to block gunfire, basically a bunch of heavy but air resistant bits of metal that form a cloud to buy time to deal with the shooter.

  7. Bitty

    This is one of those spine chillingly perfect scenes. It’s like fully immersing in the tension, the way the time slows down, into Lisa’s mindset, the poetic prose, the perfect non choice….. really incredible work!!! I can only hope Lisa is okay in the end ;;


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