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  1. Aname

    From the look of Lisa’s hair and the steam coming off of her, Lisa’s systems must be red-lining trying to cope with the accumulated damage.
    I hope the firies get the hint and hose her down to compensate for the thermal overload.

          1. Aname

            Yes foam is insulating, in that it blocks access of oxygen to the fuel, removing one leg of the triad.
            Foam is also conducting. Being water based it removes energy from the fuel, removing another leg of the triad.
            Foam premix is approx: foam <10% / water 90+%.
            Foam would not be my first goto in this instance anyway.
            I would be more likely to choose CO2, ABE and/or water.
            Androids here are apparently relatively commonplace.
            Androids here apparently have a high density energy source (possibly regenerative).
            Androids here overheat (possibly catastrophically).
            There would have to be SOP firefighting techniques to deal with overheating androids to avoid catastrophic energy release.
            (see info relating to firies worldwide seeking effective methods to combat EV fires, ICV methods do not work)

        1. Terrazin

          Liza’s body temperature increases with stress. The more you spray her with cold water, the more her body will react strongly as a defence mechanism.

          So spraying her with cold water might not be the best idea.

          1. Aname

            Whatever the method, from a bucket of cold water or a CO2 extinguisher to a bypass machine full of cold android coolant to flush Lisa’s system like a dialysis or heart bypass machine does for a human, there has to be SOP’s in place for firies to deal with thermal runaway situations in androids.

  2. Arthur Frayn

    While it *looks* like Vestine is under arrest, Pinky is still on the loose and both undamaged and unrepentant.

    It’s not over.


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